Is your workforce Spanish speaking?

We provide training for manufacturers and industrial companies, in English, Spanish or both. Our trainers will work with your shifts to ensure that training is made available for the workforce, supervisors, and managers.

How far do you travel to provide sexual harassment training?

We provide sexual harassment training throughout Southern California and can travel into the Inland Empire as well. Find out more by calling us at (310) 433-5611

What other programs do you offer for manufacturers and industrial companies?

Thank you for asking. We provide one of the best Safety Incentive Programs in Southern California. For more information review our information HERE or call us at (310) 433-5611

Best On-Site Harassment Prevention Training At Work

With California law mandating sexual harassment training for companies with 5 or more employees, the manufacturing industry is now forced to consider the right training. What is the right training? Many opt for online training because of the ease of it but in reality the TRUE essence of learning (what is wrong and right) when it comes to a highly sensitive topic can only be done right through in-person training. Do you really think a truck driver will be paying attention to an online training program?

Our team is focused on providing interesting and educational training on sexual harassment, abusive behavior, and bullying at work. We also go as far as including matters related to sexual orientation where employees, supervisors, and managers are able to ask questions and truly learn what is acceptable and not in a workplace. Our trainers are able to provide training for different shifts and on different days – it just has to be planned. We can provide training in English, Spanish or Both in one session.

CA Sexual Harassment Training

The manufacturing or industrial sector comes tarnish with a range of sexual harassment case studies over the years. If you recall Diane Sawyer 20/20 Hidden America on Sexual Harassment – she provided numerous documents, studies on violence against truck drivers, women truck drivers articles about rapes and court cases. The truth is, this can costs business owners a lot of money in litigation. See our blog on this topic HERE. Whilst online training can compensate for a checkbox, the truth is no one really pays enough attention to online training to get what the true consequences are.

We are able to provide training sessions for the manufacturing industry and all its affiliates in the supply chain, logistics and distribution sector throughout California. We are located in the Greater Los Angeles area and can travel to Corona, Riverside, Temecula, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga right down to San Diego, Irvine, Costa Mesa.

We have launched an online booking platform to make it easy for training managers, supervisors and managers to book online with us. You can select your preferred date at check out, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. We have developed a pricing model that is very competitive, because we truly believe in delivering an educational program that will work for the manufacturing and industrial workfoce in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Sexual Harassment Training for Manufacturers
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Sexual Harassment Training for Manufacturers
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The manufacturing and industrial sector is tarnished with sexual harassment lawsuits. Our sexual harassment training programs are designed for the manufacturing and industrial workforce, with the option of English or Spanish trainers or both.

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Richard's training was once again fantastic! He really does an excellent job of keeping the group engaged throughout the training. I'm always amazed at how many compliments I get on the training after. In fact, our CEO joined the first training on Tuesday 9/15 just to compliment Richard on his presentation and how much he got out of it last year. Thank you again!


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Your training was the best we have ever had - on any topic! It's because the trainer kept people engaged and interested, and they learned much more than usual.

Jordyn S. Tibbals

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Thank You Richard for your amazing job! You make us laugh, learn and be proactive! Thank you again.

Lourdes Ortiz

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I have received many compliments about the sexual harassment training. The trainers were very entertaining and the employees appreciated that they provided the training in both English and Spanish. Your live training was a lot more enjoyable than virtual training.

Angie Cardenas

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Richard was excellent! He was engaging, informative and entertaining. Following the training multiple employees came to me to share their positive feedback. Many have completed SH training's at prior companies and have never had a better way of delivery. We will absolutely be using your team again for future training's.

Claire Davidson

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