The City of Commerce is located in the southeast section of Los Angeles County, approximately six miles east of downtown Los Angeles and about half way between the Los Angeles airport and Ontario airport. It’s a growing city with an average age of 34.6 years, below the California average age. As employment rates continue to grow in Commerce, it’s important that industries protect themselves and their employees in the wake of the #metoo movement. The experts at Bridge Safety Consultants offer comprehensive sexual harassment training at your business, tailored for your business.

Industries in the City of Commerce are particularly at risk for sexual harassment claims. Commerce Casino, the largest cardroom in the world, is the largest employer in the City of Commerce, California. Due to the “sex-heavy environment” in Casinos, they experience a much higher-than-average rate of sexual harassment claims. The two largest industries in Commerce, CA by employment rates are health care and social assistance and manufacturing.

In the wake of the #metoo movement, it’s critical that employers in every sector better prepare themselves against sexual harassment. This is particularly true for the two largest industries in Commerce as they experience a higher-than-average amount of sexual harassment claims. A recent study found that 11.48% of sexual harassment claims came from the healthcare and social services industry, while 11.72% of claims came from the manufacturing industry.

It’s important that your company offers clear and comprehensive sexual harassment training, not only to protect against sexual harassment claims, but to abide by the law. A new California law (SB1343) requires that every company, even those with as few as 5 employees must provide comprehensive training on sexual harassment, abusive behavior, and sexual orientation before the end of 2019. The law requires employers to provide at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training and education to all supervisory employees and at least one hour of such training to all non-supervisory employees. Training and education must be provided once every two years thereafter.

In-person training provides the necessary space for questions and clarifications. The team at Bridge Safety Consultants provide in-person and remote training sessions where attendees are engaged and interested, and really learn what constitutes harassment in today’s environment.

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Richard's training was once again fantastic! He really does an excellent job of keeping the group engaged throughout the training. I'm always amazed at how many compliments I get on the training after. In fact, our CEO joined the first training on Tuesday 9/15 just to compliment Richard on his presentation and how much he got out of it last year. Thank you again!


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Your training was the best we have ever had - on any topic! It's because the trainer kept people engaged and interested, and they learned much more than usual.

Jordyn S. Tibbals

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Thank You Richard for your amazing job! You make us laugh, learn and be proactive! Thank you again.

Lourdes Ortiz

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I have received many compliments about the sexual harassment training. The trainers were very entertaining and the employees appreciated that they provided the training in both English and Spanish. Your live training was a lot more enjoyable than virtual training.

Angie Cardenas

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Richard was excellent! He was engaging, informative and entertaining. Following the training multiple employees came to me to share their positive feedback. Many have completed SH training's at prior companies and have never had a better way of delivery. We will absolutely be using your team again for future training's.

Claire Davidson

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