May 17, 2021

The Road to Accepting Diversity

One of the most important trainings taking place in America today involves unconscious bias. Across industries, and throughout companies – from the frontlines to the boardroom – companies are focusing on diversity and inclusion. However, unconscious bias is a concept that is often misunderstood and as a result, trainings that cover unconscious bias often do more harm than good. The right unconscious bias training benefits not only the individuals within the company but the company as a whole – creating a more productive, healthy work environment for innovation to thrive and profit to grow.

Our Three-Step Unconscious Bias Training

Step One: Understanding Unconscious Bias

At Bridge Safety Consultants , our unconscious bias training is a three-step process that starts with understanding that unconscious biases develop naturally from a very young age. It is influenced by the environment we grow up in and the experiences we are subject to which influences our perspective both consciously and unconsciously. Our unconscious bias acts as a sort of short cut for our brain by occurring at an unconscious level because it is the natural tendency of the brain to sift, sort, and categorize information about the world.

Step Two: Create Awareness

The next step is to create awareness that unconscious biases exist in each and everyone one of us. This is a non-judgmental step as these biases can be either positive or negative associations with regards to their own race, gender, religion, sexuality, or another personal characteristic. The brain naturally looks for patterns. Social cognition, or our ability to store, process, and apply information about people in social situations, is dependent on this ability to form associations about the world. Because this is a natural, and often very useful, occurrence, it’s important not to judge. People who attend our trainings are more receptive to learning about their biases because they aren’t being publicly shamed for them.

Step Three: Change and Grow

Once minds are open, our trainings are able to help attendees change and grow. Our unconscious bias trainings are a process of self-discovery that benefits both the individual and the organization. The goal for a workplace these days should be inclusion. A lack of inclusivity leads to poor morale and poor productivity that, in turn, leads to a lack of goal attainment, of profit, and of success. On the other hand, inclusivity creates an environment that is not only tolerant to diverse individuals but allows them to thrive and succeed. This benefits both the individual, their coworkers, and the company as a whole.

At Bridge Safety Consultants we recognize that change comes from within. This is why our trainings are interactive and engaging, as well as guilt-free! At our unconscious bias trainings, a coach from Bridge Safety Consultants guides attendees through the process of self-discovery, outlining the five primary types of bias, with suggestions on how to handle them and create change. It’s not enough to simply hire a ‘diverse’ group of employees. Promoting awareness of our unconscious biases leads to greater inclusion and diversity, not the other way around. A culture of diversity and inclusion encourages employee retention, progress, and development.

We offer our unconscious bias trainings both in person and remotely which means we provide trainings nationwide and internationally. All initial consults are complimentary, and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization and teams. To learn more or sign up for an unconscious bias training with Bridge Safety Consultants, visit our website here.

The Road to Accepting Diversity
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The Road to Accepting Diversity
Are you looking to build an inclusive workplace and address the problems of unconscious bias? Bridge Safety can help with unique and compliant training.
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