AB 241 is a new law makes California the first state in the nation to require implicit bias training for physicians and surgeons. By February of next year, all healthcare organizations that certify and provide continuing education classes for doctors, surgeons must include implicit/unconscious bias curriculum.

What Is Implicit Bias

According to this bill, implicit bias is the attitudes or internalized stereotypes that affect our perceptions, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner, exists, and often contributes to unequal treatment of people based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, and other characteristics.

Implicit Bias Training AB 241 for The Healthcare Sector

How Does Implicit Bias Impact Healthcare?

Implicit bias is not just in terms of race and ethnicity. Women are less likely to survive a heart attack when they are treated by a male physician and surgeon. LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming patients are less likely to seek timely medical care because they experience disrespect and discrimination from health care staff, with one out of five transgender patients nationwide reporting that they were outright denied medical care due to bias.

Implicit bias researchers found that these disparities in treatment and results are often the result of subconscious attitudes and beliefs, rather than explicit racism, sexism, or bigotry.

How Can Implicit Bias Trainings Help?

Awareness is the key. Since implicit bias is different than outright prejudice , the more people know about themselves and how they make decisions, the better chance that increased awareness will lead to better treatments and outcomes. Trainings should help them identify choices they make based on stereotypes, And include strategies to better understand Implicit bias can affect outcomes.

A challenge to trainers will be resistance that some people feel about having to take a training, especially if they feel they don’t have implicit biases. Our trainings use humor to get attendees engaged and participating and to break down barriers. The emphasis is always on communicating knowledge effectively in order that attendees have the greatest legitimate benefit. By presenting But raining in a nonjudgmental manner, self-discovery provides the motivation to learn more about oneself and to have an open mind.

Implicit Bias Training For California’s AB 241

It can be difficult for a business or organization to understand and fully comply with California’s Assembly Bill 241 on their own. At Bridge Safety Consultants we are able to provide you with a program specifically designed To meet the requirements of the bill. We use a sequence of videos that incorporate our expertise and knowledge to provide self-awareness and understanding to your team. Our video learning tools and trainers provide a unique and effective training. Our program is designed to:

  1. Bring out scenarios that address, gender, ageism, racism, appearance, and culture.
  2. Our trainers will provide a safe environment for your teams to participate in the training session.
  3. We can provide our training either in-person or remotely depending on your preference.

In terms of safety, we respect all CDC guidelines and will comply with your on-site guidelines if we come on-site. To find out more about our trainings and how they can be optimized for your work environment while ensuring adherence to AB 241, contact the experts at Bridge Safety Consultants here now.

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Richard's training was once again fantastic! He really does an excellent job of keeping the group engaged throughout the training. I'm always amazed at how many compliments I get on the training after. In fact, our CEO joined the first training on Tuesday 9/15 just to compliment Richard on his presentation and how much he got out of it last year. Thank you again!


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Your training was the best we have ever had - on any topic! It's because the trainer kept people engaged and interested, and they learned much more than usual.

Jordyn S. Tibbals

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Thank You Richard for your amazing job! You make us laugh, learn and be proactive! Thank you again.

Lourdes Ortiz

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I have received many compliments about the sexual harassment training. The trainers were very entertaining and the employees appreciated that they provided the training in both English and Spanish. Your live training was a lot more enjoyable than virtual training.

Angie Cardenas

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Richard was excellent! He was engaging, informative and entertaining. Following the training multiple employees came to me to share their positive feedback. Many have completed SH training's at prior companies and have never had a better way of delivery. We will absolutely be using your team again for future training's.

Claire Davidson

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