California Sexual Harassment Training In Person or Remote for Non-Managers


Training that is engaging, interactive and FUN! Sexual Harassment training is mandated but it does not have to be boring, so our trainers are also entertaining as they demonstrate what the new standards are, and help attendees understand that all harassment is unnecessary and even if unintentional, can be hurtful.

Perfect for Groups of 50 people or under.


California Sexual Harassment Law

California Senate Bill 1343 explicitly covers training for employees, for organizations with 5 employees or more.  The law mandates employers to train all non-supervisor employees every two years. We have developed training programs that embrace right from wrong, demonstrating this using professional actors to train using humor in both English and Spanish.

Non-Managers California Sexual Harassment Training

If you have more than 5 employees, be it in the office or in a manufacturing facility, it is mandatory for you as the employer to provide sexual harassment training. Both white and blue-collar workers deserve to understand what is right from wrong to ensure their actions within the workplace environment is right. Beyond the mandated law, it is vitally important that your employees receive excellent training because sexual harassment is a moving target. The standards have changed on what is acceptable, and we want workers to understand those changes. You may have a workforce who require bilingual training and we offer programs in English and Spanish and if need both.

Topics We Address:

Abusive Behavior and Bullying

Gender Identification and Sexual Orientation

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California Sexual Harassment Training In Person or Remote for Non-Managers
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