California Sexual Harassment Training Online for Individual Managers


Because the role of managers in establishing ground rules for sexual harassment and knowing how to respond when it occurs is so important, it is crucial that online training be engaging and interesting. Two hours is a long time to do online learning, so our training uses real-life situations and encourages interactive participation. Managers come away with a better understanding of what constitutes harassment and the importance of responding appropriately.

California Senate Bill 1343 explicitly covers training for employees.  This law now requires employers with 5 or more employees to train all non-supervisor employees every two years.

Online training is a challenge but one that has become a more important option as businesses have embraced a work situation that precludes large meetings and is often done remotely.  The attendee must be engaged, or attention will drift, and the information in the training can be lost, inadvisable in a time of heightened awareness on the importance of appropriate behavior.

Our online training asks questions and requires answers in order to ensure that the information is being disseminated. attendees must indicate that they understand the boundaries in all areas. Abusive behavior and bullying have long been components of harassment and have often been overlooked because there were no explanations on what was acceptable. Our training makes clear that any form of bullying, including negative nicknames or gossip, is not acceptable .

Other areas that we cover with sensitivity is gender identification and sexual orientation, letting supervisors know what the rules are and non-managers the importance of understanding and acceptance.

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California Sexual Harassment Training Online for Individual Managers
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