Safety Incentive Program


The primary the cause of most injuries is behavior. Companies with the strongest safety culture have the fewest number of injuries, so our mission is to strengthen the safety culture. We do so with a safety program that has monthly meetings that cover a different topic , then provide recognition and awards for achievement. Our trainers are also comedians! Bilingual presentations for manufacturing companies keep workers interested, engaged and more open to performing their jobs the right way while reducing risk. Our safety culture workshops have been recognized as extremely beneficial two line managers and supervisors.

Safety Incentive Programs for Your Workforce

How do you motivate workers with difficult jobs to not take shortcuts ?

How do you encourage them to pay attention at all times ?

How do you instill pride in performance so that workers encourage each other to be careful, to be safe, and to lookout for each other ?

Our safety incentive program gets through to them because it connects with them.

Comedians lead the monthly safety meetings, covering a serious topic, then engaging the workers, making awards, and providing recognition for jobs well done by both individuals and teams. Awards, a wheel of fortune, and pictures make every monthly meeting a positive experience. Fewer injuries mean more awards and recognition for the workforce, and outstanding savings on workers’ comp costs for the company. Our program is unique, and our results are as well.

Every workforce is different, talk to us about what your challenges are and we will custom build a program for you.

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Safety Incentive Program
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