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August 19, 2019

In 2019 Retaliation Claims are on the Increase

Los Angeles, California

Is there a focused California Sexual Harassment Training program for supervisors and managers?

Yes there is and it is really important for supervisors and managers to understand how to handle sexual harassment prevention and claims. We have an excellent program where we come on-site with our qualified trainers to educate in safe environment.

This blog has been written for supervisors and managers. It provides you with tips on how to handle sexual harassment complaints at work. If an employee accuses you or anyone else in your company of sexual harassment, be careful how you respond. The wrong response could incur a significant cost to you and your company.

california sexual harassment training for supervisors and managers

The team at Bridge Safety Consultants provides in-person training sessions for supervisors and managers where the attendees are engaged and really learn what constitutes harassment in today’s environment, and they learn the best ways to respond to a claim. Retaliation claims and lawsuits result from the wrong response or perceived response. There is a difference, and it pays to know the best ways to respond to a claim of harassment.

Retaliation claims are a serious problem. They are often the result of the supervisor not knowing the right way to respond to a claim of sexual harassment. Our training stresses the importance of responding the best way to any claim and uses case studies to gain consensus on how to handle real-world situations. Company policy is built into the discussion, and supervisors and managers come away with a better understanding of what’s acceptable behavior, and what isn’t.

When supervisors and managers are unclear or inconsistent in handling claims, or not taking action on behavior s/he knows about, the damage can be tremendous. Morale is affected and the work environment can turn negative in a short period of time.

California’s new sexual harassment standards reflect the changes that have gone on in society, and the way #MeToo and general sentiment have changed the standards on what could be considered sexual harassment. Where’s the line? One of the greatest benefits of our training is that supervisors see for themselves what is still acceptable. Our trainers physically demonstrate what is NOT considered harassment, clearing up questions or misperceptions. Learning what is still okay is one of the most important lessons that supervisors take away from our meetings. Knowing where the line is key to responding to a complaint to the benefit of the individuals and the company. That is the best defense against retaliation claims.

Our trainers cover the entire Inland Empire including but not limited to the following cities: Riverside, Corona, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Fontana, Palm Springs, Temecula and many more. We also have trainers in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Find out more about our supervisor and manager training sessions. Don’t wait, book your training program here; protect yourself, your employees, and your company.

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