Your training was the best we have ever had - on any topic! It's because the trainer kept people engaged and interested, and they learned much more than usual.

Jordyn S. Tibbals

Employee Services Coordinator Airborne Systems

Thank You Richard for your amazing job! You make us laugh, learn and be proactive! Thank you again.

Lourdes Ortiz

HR and Safety Manager, Quaker City Plating

I have received many compliments about the sexual harassment training. The trainers were very entertaining and the employees appreciated that they provided the training in both English and Spanish. Your live training was a lot more enjoyable than virtual training.

Angie Cardenas


Richard was excellent! He was engaging, informative and entertaining. Following the training multiple employees came to me to share their positive feedback. Many have completed SH training's at prior companies and have never had a better way of delivery. We will absolutely be using your team again for future training's.

Claire Davidson

VP Organizational Development, Theragun

"The class was much better than the online classes they have taken in the past. Thank you!"

Iris Nieves

Human Resources Manager, General Sealants, Inc.

Just want to let you know that last training in Ventura was excellent. Brenda did a great job on presenting the training and the way she interacted with our employees. Everyone was having fun through the training and of course learned the topic.


Forest Mushroom Food, Inc. dba Guan's Mushroom Co.

Yo también estaba fuera de la ciudad asistiendo a un seminario. Sí, estoy de acuerdo en que el entrenamiento de acoso fue muy bien. Tienes un gran equipo!

Lourdes Ortiz

There is no question how well today went, actually in both locations. I will share your program with others every change I get.    

Patti Babrowski

BIGHORN Golf Club, Palm Springs

Alan Olick

Owner, General Brite Plating


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