Meet State
Build Trust At All
Employee Levels
Take Measures to
Prevent Lawsuits
  • Protect your employees against sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Engage employees through a humor-based cirriculum designed to be entertaining
  • De-escelate conflict through education
  • Meet compliance with sexual harassment training with an enjoyable alternative
  • By choosing training, avoid a hostile workplace and prevent employment lawsuits

We Engage and Educate

Many harassment trainings are nothing more than a lecture. We’re different. our trainers are also professional entertainers. They deliver the information in a way that’s entertaining and that attendees really enjoy. Attendees get more out of it when they are engaged, paying attention, asking questions. Don’t just check the box. Make a difference. We Entertain and Engage to Better Educate

Education For Every Environment

Not all workforces are the same. The challenge of connecting and gaining understanding of what constitutes harassment when standards have changed so dramatically, differs depending on the environment and the background of the workers. While the basic information is the same , the way we connect with workers in an IT environment is not the same as the way we engage workers in a heavy manufacturing environment. Our ability to understand the audience is one of the qualities that makes our training different and more effective.

Remote Learning

We have adapted our training to meet the changing requirements of today’s world. Our remote classes Are just as effective as our onsite classes.

Educate employees even in the most remote places


Our Clients

Reviews & Testimonials

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Richard's training was once again fantastic! He really does an excellent job of keeping the group engaged throughout the training. I'm always amazed at how many compliments I get on the training after. In fact, our CEO joined the first training on Tuesday 9/15 just to compliment Richard on his presentation and how much he got out of it last year. Thank you again!


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Your training was the best we have ever had - on any topic! It's because the trainer kept people engaged and interested, and they learned much more than usual.

Jordyn S. Tibbals

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Thank You Richard for your amazing job! You make us laugh, learn and be proactive! Thank you again.

Lourdes Ortiz

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I have received many compliments about the sexual harassment training. The trainers were very entertaining and the employees appreciated that they provided the training in both English and Spanish. Your live training was a lot more enjoyable than virtual training.

Angie Cardenas

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Richard was excellent! He was engaging, informative and entertaining. Following the training multiple employees came to me to share their positive feedback. Many have completed SH training's at prior companies and have never had a better way of delivery. We will absolutely be using your team again for future training's.

Claire Davidson

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Unconscious bias is one of the most important topics in any workplace today. Our training focuses on awareness. Non-judgemental, engaging training that educated and informs.

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